The "help" command

How to use the "help" command properly

If you haven't read Client and Server Commands yet, please do so as you need to understand
what's explained there.

This mod alters the "help" command. The problem with this command is that it is processed on the server which is why
help for client side commands would not be shown. This can only be solved by introducing two help commands, one for
the server side and one for the client side. This has the advantage that you can see all client and all server commands
at a glance. The two commands are named "chelp" for client commands and "shelp" for server commands. The normal "help"
command will just show a message that you should use "chelp" or "shelp" except for the case that you have client side commands
disabled. This can be achieved by using the command "clientcommands disable" (or "enable" to enable).