Disabling commands

How to disable commands

The mod will create a file called "disable.cfg" (located in "minecraft_installation_folder/config/morecommands").
You can put commands in there and they will be disabled (e.g. if you want to use the vanilla "enchant" command).
Please note that this is not really "disabling" commands but rather "not loading" commands. Indeed commands which are
recorded in this file aren't loaded so there is no possibility to enable them later. Please use the ingame command "command"
(yes, the command name is "command") to disable commands with the ability to re-enable them. (Note that if a vanilla command
is overwritten, e.g. the "enchant" command, this method will NOT enable the original vanilla command, to prevent overwriting a vanilla
command, you have to use the disable.cfg file). The syntax for this file is just the command name WITHOUT a slash and only ONE command per line!