MoreCommands Minecraft Mod

What is this mod

More Commands is a Minecraft Forge mod which adds over 100 Commands to the minecraft chat console. It is inspired by the Singleplayer Commands mod, which isn't developed further. I really liked this mod and it was the only mod I used extensively, but since it isn't developed anymore, I decided to write my own commands mod. Singleplayer Commands had to be entirely rewritten in the 1.3 update, because since this update, singleplayer is just an internal server and many commands had to be removed. I adopted many of the currently working commands but I also reimplemented many of the commands which have been removed. Nevertheless this mod is NOT just an update for Singleplayer Commands, I added lots of new commands and not only commands but also lots of other features. Generally all the functionality Singleplayer Commands had is available in this mod as well (with few exceptions), most times in a much improved version. Additonally this mod has an almost completely different codebase than Singleplayer Commands: It is a Forge Mod, you don't have to modify your minecraft.jar. This mod also uses the client-server model and is therefore NOT only restricted to singleplayer, you can also use it on a Forge Server.